This page presents information for current Advanced Courses organizers and for scientists interested in applying for funding to organize an event as part of the FEBS Advanced Courses programme.

Application and reporting forms can be downloaded from the bottom of the page, and you can access the FEBS Advanced Courses applications and reporting system here.

Applying for funding for a FEBS Advanced Course

With the key goal of fostering training and mobility of young scientists within Europe, the FEBS Advanced Courses Committee invites individuals or groups with a proven scientific track record on the event topic to organize lecture courses, workshops, and especially practical courses with strong hands-on elements, in the FEBS Advanced Courses programme. Larger ‘Special Meetings’ are also available for funding in the Advanced Courses portfolio.

Important points for prospective organizers of FEBS-funded events are summarized below. Please refer to the ‘FEBS Advanced Courses Guidelines‘ pdf for full details. For queries, please contact the Chairperson of the FEBS Advanced Courses Committee via [email protected]

Deadlines for applications

The application period for events in 2024 has closed. There will be two calls for proposals for courses that will run in 2025: application deadlines will be March 1, 2024 and September 1, 2024. Please note however that applications to hold Joint FEBS/EMBO Lecture courses must be submitted only at the March 1, 2024 deadline.


The maximum course grants available for the different types of FEBS Advanced Courses are currently as follows: FEBS Advanced Lecture Courses, €25,000; FEBS/EMBO Lecture Courses, €30,000; FEBS Workshops, €20,000; FEBS Practical Courses, €20,000; FEBS Special Meeting, €40,000.

As part of their application, organizers of Lecture Courses, Workshops and Practical Courses can also request financial support for attendance of a number of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows at the event through FEBS Youth Travel Fund (YTF) grants. For more details on YTFs, please click here.

Course timing

FEBS Advanced Lecture Courses, FEBS Workshops, Joint FEBS/EMBO Lecture Courses and FEBS Special Meetings should normally not be scheduled to take place within the 4 weeks before or after the annual FEBS Congress. In 2025, the FEBS Congress will take place 5–9 July 2025 (Istanbul, Türkiye).

Applications procedure

To be eligible for evaluation by the Advanced Courses Committee, proposals must fully comply with our ‘FEBS Advanced Courses Guidelines‘ pdf. All applications must be submitted through our online application and reporting system, using standard forms available from the ‘Downloads for Course Organizers’ list below.


We aim to keep the level of Advanced Courses administration required by FEBS as low as possible, in order to let Course Organizers focus on arranging the scientific content and optimal conditions for the event. Simple scientific, financial and delegate reports prepared as pdfs or Excel files are required to be uploaded to our online application and reporting system through your course account after the event for monitoring of effective and proper use of FEBS funds and to help with continual improvements of  the FEBS Advanced Courses programme. Further details on reporting are given in the ‘FEBS Advanced Courses Guidelines‘ pdf, and the Advanced Courses Committee is also ready to offer guidance if needed ([email protected]).