For a general introduction to FEBS National Lectures, see the webpage Support for activities of FEBS Societies.


1. FEBS National Lectures were established to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies. These FEBS National Lectures (usually 5 per year) are intended as Plenary Lectures that significantly enhance the quality of a scientific meeting, symposium or annual national scientific meeting of a Constituent Society.

2. The Lecturer should be a distinguished scientist with a significant international reputation for fundamental contributions to the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology. An engraved glass award will be provided by FEBS for presentation to the FEBS National Lecturer after his/her presentation, as a memento of the speaker’s selection and significant contribution to the meeting.

3. The Lecturer should not be a plenary speaker at the FEBS Congress in the same or following year.

4. The Lecturer should be working in a FEBS country different from the one organizing the meeting.

5. The support shall consist of travel expenses (economy flight); additional support for FEBS countries with HINARI status is available. The host organization will offer free registration and accommodation. FEBS will not offer an honorarium. Reimbursement will be made by the FEBS Treasury.

6. A FEBS National Lecture shall normally be awarded only when the host organization is not already in receipt of FEBS funds for support of the event and on the undertaking that no additional application for funds will be made to FEBS in the same year.

7. An application proposing a maximum of two candidates for the FEBS National Lecturer, including short Curricula Vitae and with full details of the event, shall be sent to the FEBS Congress Counsellor. The application will be evaluated by the Executive Committee members of FEBS and awarded within 2 months of receipt of the application.

8. The invited speaker shall be named The FEBS National Lecturer and designated as such in all announcements and programmes.

9. The FEBS National Lecturer should be introduced by a member of the host organization with a brief acknowledgement of FEBS and the lectureship at the beginning of his/her presentation.

10. For queries, please contact the FEBS Congress Counsellor via the Contact section of the FEBS website.