About FEBS Advanced Courses

FEBS funds a range of focused scientific events on advanced topics in biochemistry, molecular biology and related disciplines each year at attractive locations across Europe, with the aim of providing research updates, training and networking for researchers working in a similar area.

Events in the FEBS Advanced Courses programme span lecture courses, workshops, practical courses and special meetings. The event formats have a strong educational element that makes them especially valuable to PhD students and postdocs, and such early-career scientists can apply for financial support for attendance through FEBS Youth Travel Fund (YTF) grants.

Expert scientists are invited to apply for funding to organize an event as part of the FEBS Advanced Courses programme through two calls each year; more details can be found on the page for organizers here.

2023 FEBS Advanced Courses

FEBS Advanced Courses taking place in 2023 will be gradually added to the list below.



Feb 2023

Special Meeting

26 February – 3 March 2023

 Innsbruck, Austria

ATP-binding cassette (ABC) proteins: from multidrug resistance to genetic disease – ABC2023

Event website


May 2023


9–12 May 2023

 Cadiz, Spain

Polyphosphate: the actual biology of an ancient polymer


Jun 2023

Advanced Lecture Course

2–10 June 2023

 Erice, Italy

Structural Drug Design 2023: biology, chemistry and computers

Event website


Jun 2023

Advanced Lecture Course

4–8 June 2023

 Hvar, Croatia

PARP 2023

Event website


Aug 2023

Advanced Lecture Course

27 August – 1 September 2023

 Spetses Island, Greece

Epigenomics, nuclear receptors and disease

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Sep 2023

Advanced Lecture Course

1–8 September 2023

 Spetses Island, Greece

Protein folding, aggregation and compartmentalization

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