The FEBS Press journals regularly bring together content in specific topical research areas, with the aim of helping researchers stay abreast of fast-moving fields.  Recent topic collections are featured below, linked to the issues on the journal webpages.

‘Special issues’ or ‘Thematic issues’ are generally a whole issue of specially commissioned review articles, curated by guest editors and introduced with an editorial covering the aims and scope of the issue. A shorter collection of curated reviews may also form a more concise focus in part of a journal issue, such as the ‘In the Limelight’ series in FEBS Open Bio and ‘Focus’ issues of FEBS Letters and The FEBS Journal. In addition, ‘Virtual issues’ or ‘Subject collections’ may be created on particular themes alongside the normal issue output of the journal; some may be open collections where new accepted articles in the area will continue to be added. 


The FEBS Journal

Special Issue: Senescence in ageing and disease

Focus issue: Enzymology

FEBS Letters

Special Issue: Structure and function of the nuclear envelope and nuclear pores

Special Issue: Autophagy: From yeast to humans

FEBS Open Bio

In the limelight: Glycosphingolipids in disease

In the limelight: Alzheimer’s disease

Molecular Oncology

Thematic issue: Drug discovery for cancer therapy

Thematic issue: Ageing and cancer