The organization and funding of events to advance teaching, training and learning in the molecular life sciences at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels is a key activity of the FEBS Education committee.  Among the aims are increasing the knowledge and skills of educators, encouraging the development of innovative teaching methods and educational resources, and sharing good practice.

Supported education events include a seasonal webinar series, workshops jointly organized by  FEBS and a FEBS Constituent Society, education sessions at the FEBS Congress, and workshops organized by FEBS Education Ambassadors.

Find more details on all FEBS education activities on the Education/Training page.


FEBS Education and Training Conference

Antalya, Türkiye; 20–23 March 2024

Register now! The meeting will include plenaries, panels, workshops and roundtable discussions on molecular life science teaching and learning. Find more information at febsetc.org/

Recent FEBS  Education events

Joint workshops

FEBS & SBP (Portuguese Biochemical Society) Education Workshop: SPIB2023
Symposium on Pedagogical Innovation in Biosciences How to Engage Students in Our Practices?
Aveiro, Portugal; October 1213, 2023

The event, jointly organized by IUBMB & University of Aveiro & University of Minho, Portugal, covered the following themes: Pedagogical innovations for better learning; Students’ engagement in our practices; and The 4C’s skills for biosciences students to succeed in the workplace (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication).

FEBS & SBD (Slovenian Biochemical Society) Education Workshops
Ljubljana, Slovenia; 19 September 2023 (for young scientists, with a focus on general skills such as presenting science and writing a scientific paper)
Portoroz, Slovenia; 21 September 2023 (for senior educators); the workshop was part of the 15th Meeting of the SBD. Topics were COVID – Lessons for education; Current challenges and opportunities for AI in education; and AI and VR assisted teaching: education through immersive technologies.

FEBS Education Joint Workshop: Evolving molecular bioscience education
Organized with the Biochemical Society (UK), in association with IUBMB; Manchester, UK; 25–26 May 2023

The fifth edition of this event comprised group discussions, talks from invited speakers, and flash talks and posters from delegates. Topics included Practical solutions for improving inclusivity and accessibility of bioscience education; Evaluating, understanding, and promoting student engagement; Novel approaches to student assessment; Thriving, not just surviving: communities of practice for the development of teaching, considering both staff and students.  It was preceded by a training event on educational research in the biosciences.

FEBS Education Ambassador events

Best practices in leadership and student mentoring in life science research
Riga, Latvia; 20 October 2023; supported by the FEBS Education Ambassador scheme

This event, organized by the Latvian Biochemical Society, was aimed at Principal Investigators and covered: Supervisor & student roles and expectations; Mentoring in academic integrity; Communication between supervisor and student; Understanding psychological aspects of efficient leadership.

2023 FEBS Education Ambassadors Meeting
Vilnius, Lithuania; 5–6 May 2023
This event brought together education representatives appointed by the FEBS Constituent Societies.

FEBS Education Session at the Conference of the Association of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 18 May 2023; supported by FEBS Education Ambassador scheme.
This was an education-focused day at the Society’s first national conference. Find the event’s program here.

FEBS Education Committee Seasonal Webinars

Summer webinar: ‘The importance and process of integrating AI into teaching and learning’, Brent Anders, Armenia; 11 September 2023

Spring webinar: ‘Ethics at the heart of the training of scientists: a crucial issue for the future of research’, Xavier Coumoul, France; 13 June 2023

Winter webinar: ‘Assessment 101 and beyond in Life Sciences education’, S. Ayhan Çalışkan, UAE; 15 March 2023

Autumn webinar: ‘Development of a teaching module for PhD candidates’, John Kelly, Ireland; 3 November 2022

Education Activities at the 47th FEBS Congress

The FEBS Education committee held an evening event at the 47th FEBS Congress (Tours, France; 8–12 July 2023) entitled ‘FEBS Stands Up for Education: Hot Topics, Music and More‘,  and ran an education-themed Treasure Hunt for participants. Posters on aspects of molecular life sciences education were also part of the event. For further information on the Congress education activities, see the Congress webpage here.