The Romanian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Mission & Vision

The Romanian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (RSBMB) is a scientific, professional and non-governmental organisation gathering people working in biochemical research, industry and education, in Romania.

Mission statement:

  • To organise collaborations in the biochemistry field at a national level
  • To promote basic and applied scientific research in biochemistry
  • To provide the link between research and education aiming in the formation of highly qualified biochemists
  • To organise periodically National Conferences and other meetings such as workshops, symposia, round tables in specialised areas of biochemistry
  • To provide the publication of the scientific communications presented at the Society meetings
  • To promote at International level the high impact scientific discoveries of the Society members
  • To initiate, promote and organise international collaborations with other European Biochemical Societies, Institutes and Laboratories

Key Activities

  • Annual meeting
  • Annual Prizes: Best Poster Award at the Annual meeting,
  • Young biochemist Award
  • Senior biochemist Award
  • Fellowships to attend national meetings of the RSBMB


RSBMB was established in 1990 and became member of FEBS the same year.


The number of members of RSBMB is 280 (2012).  RSBMB accepts non-residental scientists as its members.


Dr Livia Sima (Secretary and FEBS Member Society Representative)
Institute of Biochemistry
Bucharest, Romania

[email protected]