The Polish Biochemical Society

Mission & Vision

The aim of the Polish Biochemical Society (PTBioch) is to promote and support all aspects of biochemical research in Poland. To achieve these aims PTBioch organizes conferences, scientific discussions, meetings, lectures and workshops, and publishes scientific magazines. It also evaluates the situation and needs of biochemistry in Poland and deals with state authorities responsible for scientific policy. PTBioch maintains contacts with related societies in Poland and abroad.

Key Activities

PTBioch offers to members include annual meetings, publications, and international contacts:

  • Annual Meetings, hosted by one of the regional branches of the Society (600–800 participants). The 50th Meeting was held in Wrocław in September 2016.
  • ​Parnas Conferences – Polish–Ukrainian Biochemical Conferences dedicated to Jakub Karol Parnas were hosted approximately every second year in turn by the Polish Biochemical Society and the Ukrainian Biochemical Society from 1998–2009. More recently, the Parnas Conference has been held as a trilateral Polish–Ukrainian–Israeli event funded through the FEBS3+ programme [2011 (Warsaw, Poland); 2013 (Jerusalem, Israel); 2016 (Wroclaw, Poland)].

PTBioch also offers awards:

  • Jakub K. Parnas Prize for the best biochemical research carried out in a Polish laboratory, awarded every year since 1962,
  • Bolesław Skarżyński Prize for the best review article published in “Postępy Biochemii” (“Advances in Biochemistry”), awarded every year since 1962,
  • Włodzimierz. Mozołowski Prize for the best research presented during the Annual Scientific by a young scientist, awarded every year since 1968,
  • Janina Opieńska-Blauth Prize for the best poster presented during the Annual Scientific Meeting by a student, awarded every year since 1994,
  • Antoni Dmochowski Prize for outstanding achievements in biochemical education, awarded every second year since 1996,
  • Bronisław Filipowicz Prize for outstanding achievements in the popularization of biochemistry, awarded every third year since 2001,
  • Annual Prize for the best research in chemistry and biochemistry of nucleic acids accomplished in Poland, awarded each year since 1997.

Last but not least, PTBioch publishes two journals:

  • Acta Biochimica Polonica, a quarterly journal in English, appearing since 1954, publishes experimental and review papers in all areas of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology, indexed in Current Contents, Chemical Abstracts and Medline
  • Postępy Biochemii (Advances in Biochemistry), a quarterly review journal, appearing since 1953, in Polish with English summaries, indexed in Medline and Agrolibrex


PTBioch was established in 1958, and became a member of FEBS in 1964.


Membership is open for the Polish biochemical community. PTBioch also accepts foreign scientists as its members.


Prof. Adam Szewczyk (President)
Prof. Paweł Pomorski (Society General Board Secretary)
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
Warsaw, Poland

[email protected]