The Hungarian Biochemical Society

Mission & Vision

The aim of The Hungarian Biochemical Society (Magyar Biokémiai Egyesület  MBKE) is to promote the activity of Hungarian biochemists, molecular biologists and biotechnologists through non-governmental measures, thereby to support the development of biochemical sciences and their ramifications, as regards research, education and application.

Key Activities

Key offers to members include:

  • Annual Workshop on Molecular Biology organized at different secluded and picturesque venues (attendance 250–300; Hungarian scientists working abroad are welcome)
  • Prizes awarded to juniors (best posters, best oral presentations)
  • Tankó Award: Granted every 2–3 years to outstanding successful active scientists. Prof. Béla Tankó was the founder of the Hungarian Biochemical Association. The Award consists of an artistic plaque featuring the portrait of Prof. Tankó and a tax–free premium (300 EURO in 2005)
  • Travel fellowships to young scientists granted on a competitive basis to help attendance of FEBS Meetings
  • Quarterly Bulletin of the Hungarian Biochemical Society (‘BIOKÉMIA’). Subscription is included in the membership fee.


The Hungarian Biochemical Society (HBS) was established in 1981 (via the merger of two preexisting bodies: The Hungarian Biochemical Association and the Biochemistry section of the Hungarian Chemical Society). HBS became a member of FEBS the same year; the predecessor Biochemical Association had been a member of FEBS since 1964.


There are 815 members of HBS (2016), and the society accepts scientists from Hungary as well as scientists living in other countries as its members.


Prof. László Buday (Chair and FEBS Member Society Representative)
Research Center for Natural Sciences
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Budapest, Hungary

[email protected]

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