The Association of Georgian Biochemists

Mission & Vision

The Association of Georgian Biochemists (AGB) aims to advance research and education in the science of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Georgia.  AGB also aids progress in practical application of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in medicine, agriculture and the food industry to increase the economic potential of Georgia.

Key Activities

AGB carries out its local conferences every 2 years. Since 2003, many young researchers have been supported by FEBS to attend conferences and lecture courses. In October 2013, FEBS organized a workshop on Molecular Life Science Education in Tbilisi.


AGB was established in 2002 and was accepted as an Associate Member of FEBS in 2003. It became a full Member Society of FEBS in 2015.


AGB currently has 83 members (2014). The great majority are University members.


Prof. Revaz Solomonia (President)
Ilia State University
Tbilisi, Georgia

[email protected]