The Armenian Association of Biochemists

Mission & Vision

The Armenian Association of Biochemists (AAB) is a professional union of biochemists, molecular and cellular biologists, biophysicists, and biomedical scientists, with objectives of promoting high-level biochemical practice, education, training and research in the field of biochemistry, molecular cell biology and biophysics in Armenia. AAB aims to realize the following issues:

  • To encourage the development of research in the field of biochemistry, molecular cell biology and  biophysics
  • To provide scientific and methodological support for teaching of subjects related to biology
  • To promote implementation of modern, state-of-the-art medical technologies in Armenia
  • To spread knowledge and promote scientific progress by addressing publication of textbooks, methodological manuals and other materials in the field of biosciences
  • To develop links with scientific community all over the world
  • To hold conferences, symposia, and workshops
  • To search for ways for young scientists to be involved and join world scientific events
  • To get involved in the activities of international scientific organizations, and
  • To facilitate communication and exchange between local and international biochemical communities.

Key Activities

The activity of the Association is manifested by arranging Council meetings, annual meetings and scientific meetings with invited lecturers, as well as extending international activity thanks to participation at International scientific meetings, including FEBS events.

Council members are appointed through direct election by the members for terms of 4 years. There are four executive officers of the Association: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Various staff members of the AAB disseminate information and support the policy development process.


AAB was established in 1964. In 2002 the Society was renamed as the Armenian Association of Biochemists and registered in Enterprises State Register of the Republic of Armenian as a voluntary, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation, acting in accordance with its Charter and the Constitution, Legislation, International Agreements of the Republic of Armenia. The Association may collaborate with governmental and non-governmental unions and organizations, international and donor organizations, funds, individuals, etc.

In 2002 the AAB became an Associate member of FEBS and in 2008 the society became a full member. Having become a member of the FEBS, Armenian scientists benefited with free access to all FEBS services and offers.


AAB has about 130 members (2005) with a prevalence of 90% female scientists and 70% young scientists under the age of 35.

The AAB consists of those qualified individuals who wish to become members, who are approved by the membership committee and pay annual dues. Membership of non-residential scientists living in other countries is not restricted. Companies can become corporate members.


Dr Varduhi Knaryan
H. Buniatian Institute of Biochemistry
National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

[email protected]