FEBS Open Bio, the youngest of the four FEBS Press journals, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. To mark this milestone, the journal has published a special anniversary issue, comprising editorials, reviews and research articles, all especially commissioned for the occasion. Eight members of the journal’s prestigious editorial board contributed review and research articles on a diverse range of subjects. In addition, this issue includes the latest research by the authors of some of the most highly cited articles published in the journal in the last decade.

The journal invites you all to join the celebrations by checking out the contents of this issue below. We are sure there is something to interest everyone in the virtual pages of the issue, and thank all of our authors, reviewers, editors and authors for a very successful and productive decade!


  • Ten years of FEBS Open Bio
    Duncan E. Wright and Miguel A. De la Rosa
    In this editorial, the journal’s Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Manager summarise the history of the journal and introduce the contents of the 10th anniversary issue.
  • FEBS Open Bio: past, present, and future
    Duncan E. Wright, Felix M. Goni, Mary Purton, Laszlo Fesus, Johannes Buchner, John Mowbray and Miguel A. De la Rosa
    In celebration of the 10th anniversary issue of FEBS Open Bio, we spoke to some of the key figures of the journal’s genesis, development, and its future direction, and recount here their thoughts and experiences.
  • Learning objectives: an epiphany
    Priscilla Soulié and Pierre Cosson
    An editorial describing the use of learning objectives in the creation of a new Bachelor-Master curriculum in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Geneva in 2017, which will be of enormous interest to all educators.

Review articles:

Research articles: