1964 FEBS Meeting graphics compared with 2024 FEBS Congress

FEBS is celebrating its special milestone throughout the year, but we highlight here some recently announced anniversary activities. Check out the FEBS 60th anniversary webpage for details, and stay tuned for more news.

FEBS Letters Writing Contest: Blueprints for the scientific Society of tomorrow

FEBS Letters is celebrating the 60th anniversary of FEBS with a writing competition. The journal wants to hear from scientists about their blueprints for the scientific Society of tomorrow. What is the utopian scientific Society like 60 years from now? What are the needs of future molecular life scientists? How can they be sustainably met by a scientific Society? FEBS Letters welcomes submissions in the form of essays, short stories, poems, comic strips, and more. Find further details here.

Bio-Art Image Contest: “The beauty behind biological sciences”

To mark the 60th anniversary of FEBS, members of FEBS Constituent Societies or registrants at the 48th FEBS Congress in Milano this summer are invited to submit an entry for a Congress exhibition of photographs taken with the use of bio-imaging tools (microscopes of any type) in the course of scientific work. Find details on rules, how to submit an entry and prizes here.

Request for photos from past FEBS events

The first FEBS Meeting was held in 1964 (a precursor to the FEBS Congress – see illustration) and ‘Summer Schools’ (later called Advanced Courses) began in 1965. FEBS invites you to dig into your photos from the last 60 years and share with us your cherished memories captured during FEBS events, to help us create a celebratory slide set!  Find further information here about how to send your photos in.

A celebration of FEBS Constituent Societies at the 2024 FEBS Congress

FEBS has invited its Constituent Societies to showcase their unique history, accomplishments, current initiatives and future aspirations through poster presentations at the 48th FEBS Congress in Milano. The Society posters will be on display throughout the Congress, culminating in a dedicated poster session where attendees can engage directly with presenters and discover how academic Societies contribute to the research landscape.

FEBS Constituent Society outreach events

In this special year, FEBS is offering grants of €1,500 to its Constituent Societies to support interesting events or activities that highlight the impact and contributions of molecular life sciences. The projects can take various forms, from public lectures to science film festivals to competitions for high-school students; more details are given here.