Protease research has witnessed a substantial expansion; on one hand, genome sequencing has unveiled numerous new proteases, while on the other hand, the swift development of innovative technologies like quantitative proteomics and in vivo imaging have shed light on the physiological context of these proteases. These advancements have facilitated the discovery of physiological substrates and significantly enhanced our understanding of protease functions in diverse biological contexts. This FEBS Workshop aims to address current advancements, challenges, and expansion in the field of proteases, protein inhibitors, and their physiological and pathological control mechanisms. The workshop will cover various sections dedicated to proteases, protease inhibitors, regulation, and proteolytic control, with a focus on their role in diseases and novel therapeutic approaches, bringing together established and emerging scientists from around the world to discuss the current status and future trends in this exciting research field.

Event website under preparation.

Location: Bled, Slovenia

Organizers: Boris Turk, Helena Kastelic, Andreja Kozak