The past decade has seen a broad increase in the understanding that protein function is regulated by co- and post-translational modification of their N- and C-termini. Active research in this field is expanding, including in mechanistic understanding of protein modification, in technologies for examining protein termini and in identification of routes by which protein terminal modifications can be exploited for beneficial purposes. This FEBS Workshop will bring together established expertise in the field with new contributors, and will highlight the opportunities to capitalize on knowledge of protein termini for translation into novel methodologies, therapeutics and agri-tech solutions. Session topics will include ‘Structural and biochemical characterization of protein termini’, ‘New insights into N-terminal processing’, ‘Protein C-termini’, ‘Advances in methodology’, ‘Physiological impact of protein terminal modification’ and ‘Exploiting protein termini’.

Location: Oxford, UK

Organizers: Emily Flashman, Francesco Licausi, Cheol-sang Hwang, Carmela Giglione