Since 1983, this FASEB Science Research Conference on protein kinases and phosphorylation has promoted scientific excellence and serves as a premier platform for the dissemination of cutting-edge, unpublished research findings. Due to its wide scope, diverse speakers, and vibrant and timely scientific discussions, it is one of our most highly attended meetings.

The program will foster collaboration of ideas and stimulate new avenues of research in structural biology, biochemistry, systems biology, chemical biology, and protein engineering. Organizers have developed a lineup of speakers and presentations to deepen our understanding of molecular mechanisms in critical biological processes, leading to the identification of targets for disease diagnosis, prevention, treatments, and cures. By including both methods-focused and biology-focused sessions, we offer trainees a comprehensive understanding of the field and a glimpse into future developments.

Location: Malahide, Ireland

Organizers: Donita Brady, PhD; Margaret Stratton, PhD; Vincent Tagliabracci, PhD; Michael Yaffe, MD, PhD