Cancer research is still pushing scientific boundaries and new developments and insights are entering the clinic at increasing pace. Most of the clinical successes come from our understanding of basic processes that govern cancer initiation and progression, including signal transduction. Consequently, we see that especially inhibitors to signaling molecules, in particular kinases, are entering the clinic very rapidly. Therefore, the molecular mechanisms by which signals are received by cells, transduced towards the proper targets and integrated into a biological response are amongst the most-studied areas in modern biology. In this Joint FEBS/EMBO Lecture Course on Spetses, we are bringing together a number of true experts in the field from basic and translational oncology. This course will cover signaling by various pathways (PI3K, WNT, RAS/RAF) but also DNA damage and protein degradation signaling. We will also cover the consequences of pathway deregulation for cellular processes like metabolism and damage repair. Finally, the application or translation of this knowledge into the clinic will be discussed by the speakers.

Registration and abstract submission: April 1, 2024

Location: Spetses, Greece

Organizers: Boudewijn Burgering, with Co-organizer René Medema