This Joint FEBS/EMBO Lecture Course is an excellent platform and opportunity for graduate students and young postdoctoral scientists from academia (and possibly industry) to acquire an integrated overview of the structure, function and biogenesis of biological membranes and their components, to gain more insight in the possibilities offered by different disciplines and to discuss and learn about the multiple approaches, techniques and specialties in membrane research as well as to discuss modern-day challenges of the academic world with different experts in these fields. The past (18) courses have learned that the convivial atmosphere of this course stimulates excellent interactions between all course participants, also in part thanks to the location of the course.

Image: Artistic adaptation of the transferrin receptor localized in the ER and Golgi. This picture is a single time point of a spatial 3D high resolution movie obtained using the lattice light sheet microscope (yellow is closest and purple is farthest). Courtesy of the Kirchhausen lab.

Location: Spetses Island, Greece

Organizers: Eefjan Breukink