The field of structural biology has been undergoing profound changes over the past few years, including the growing recognition of macromolecular dynamics being of paramount importance. Processes such as enzymatic turnover, protein transport and folding via biomolecular machinery, or the translocation of small molecules across biological membranes, fundamentally involve the sampling of multiple conformations of the proteins involved, i.e. dynamics. Moreover, the realization that many proteins are functional despite lacking a well-defined 3D structure, i.e. so-called intrinsically disordered proteins, has challenged our view of the structure–function relationship. Thus, in order to understand biological processes, it is instrumental to decipher the motions of proteins. The FEBS Advanced Course ‘Les Houches– Telluride Workshop on Protein Dynamics’ is a forum for presenting and discussing results from the application of state-of-the-art experimental (including, but not limited to optical, NMR and neutron spectroscopies, time-resolved X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and scattering methods) and computational and theoretical approaches to studying equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium protein dynamics.

Location: Les Houches, France

Organizers: Enrica Bordignon, Paul Schanda, Lars Schäfer, Ben Schuler, Martin Weik, Junko Yano