For the 2023 meeting we have put together an excellent scientific program with more than 30 distinguished speakers and scientific sessions covering Chromatin Modifications, Nuclear Architecture, Structural Proteomics, Single Cell Genomics & Proteomics, Spatial & Interaction Proteomics, Multi-omics Data Integration, Quantitative Approaches to Transcription, High-resolution Imaging of the Nucleus, Chromatin and Metabolism, and DNA Replication & Repair. There will also be several short talks by junior scientists selected from the abstracts. Other features of the meeting include two Poster and Quick-Fire Sessions, Women in Science and Science Policy Lectures, and a Problem-Solving Workshop during which participants can discuss technical questions 1:1 with expert speakers. Keynote Lectures will be given by Genevieve Almouzni, Ana Pombo, Tuncay Baubec and Tineke Lenstra.

Location: Crete, Greece

Organizers: Constance Alabert, Till Bartke, Anne-Claude Gingras, Axel Imhof, John Strouboulis, Michiel Vermeulen