Since 2010, this important conference continues to focus on the field of genome and epigenome editing. The meeting will focus on new tools and technologies, understanding the biology of editors and their outcomes, new classes of precise editors, plant and animal modeling with precise genome editing, and clinical trials of genome editors.

The conference seeks to present the latest research findings in these fields and support early-career investigators, women, and other historically-excluded groups in the field of genome editing. Through collaboration and networking at this meeting, it can accelerate the translation of fundamental advances into viable genome editing technologies. We encourage scientists from all countries and institutions with shared interests in genome and epigenome editing to join FASEB and our volunteer organizers in Rome, Italy, for stimulating presentations, discussions, and activities.

Location: Rome, Italy

Organizers: Shengdar Q. Tsai, PhD; Nicole Gaudelli, PhD; Philip Gregory, PhD; Angelo Lombardo, PhD