The ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond to their environment is the basis of development, tissue repair, and immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis. Errors in the interplay, dynamics or localization of the involved molecules are responsible for many diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity and diabetes. By increasing the understanding of the complex interplay between these various components and their dynamics over time the related diseases can be treated more effectively. Because of the recent technological revolution in advanced light microscopy (i.e. functional imaging of molecules, development of caged compounds and biosensors) it is now possible to directly monitor the dynamics of (single) molecules in living cells. Several new microscopy techniques are ideally suited for studying cellular signals but their application remains limited because most biologists have never been introduced to these technologies.This 6-day FEBS Practical Course on advanced microscopy for experienced graduate students, postdocs and lab technicians integrates theoretical lectures with hands-on experiments and practical experience. National and international experts in the field of microscopy will give an overview of “state-of-the-art” imaging techniques and applications in biological research. The practicals will focus at the functional imaging techniques FRAP, FCS, FLIM, FRET & Optogenetics. In addition two (advanced) data analysis sessions for ImageJ will be included.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Organizers: Mark Hink