This 5-day Advanced Lecture Course will cover a wide range of topics in cellular stress and ADP-ribosylation, from basic concepts, to recent breakthroughs, advanced techniques, and clinical implication. Session topics include systems-wide ADP-ribosylation, NAD biosynthesis and signaling, protein homeostasis and proteostasis, heat-shock, genotoxic stress responses, mitochondrial dysfunction and ADP-ribosylation from virus to cancer. The program provides participants with ample opportunities for presenting and discussing their own work (poster sessions, selected short talks or meet the speakers/experts session).

Picture: MCF7 cells treated with IL8; green: actin; red: SHP1 phosphatase (a protein involved in the regulation of cancer invasion). By Alessia Varone.

Location: Naples, Italy

Organizers: Daniela Corda, Giovanna Grimaldi, Michael O. Hottiger ([email protected])