In this FEBS Advanced Lecture Course we have brought together a unique combination of frontiers in science focusing on the the capacity of numerous proteins and peptides to self-assemble into amyloid fibrils. The course includes introductory and state-of-art lectures with special emphasis on amyloid structures, chaperones in amyloid formation, membrane-less organelles, lipids and membranes in amyloid formation, functional amyloids, and pathology of amyloids. In the evening lectures, the different topics will be discussed in an integrative manner. Young researchers will have ample opportunity to meet and to discuss basic and emerging topics with the lecturers as social interactions are an important aspect of the meeting.

Location: Spetses Island, Greece

Organizers: Bernd Helms, Sheena Radford, Stefan Rüdiger


Deadline for applications: May 1st, 2023